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Air Rage

Air Rage

What is Air Rage?

Air rage is the way in which the passenger behaves extremely frustrated, acts irrationally and loses control during a flight. It’s a kind of behavior disorder. This psychological disorder is defined at the beginning of the 21st century, it is very rare in Turkey. This situation, which can be seen more in international flights, is called r air rage.. Air rage is a serious discomfort. Passengers who cannot control themselves are tried to be calmed down by the air personnel, and even where appropriate, the passenger can be taken to another compartment within the aircraft.

Causes Air Rage?

Although it is a new behavior disorder, the cause of air rage is attributed to physical and psychological stress. The source of physical stress is usually alcohol. Alcohol consumed before or during a flight can cause anger. The cause of this anger can also be psychological. According to the researches, class differences within the aircraft can also cause air rage. For example, a passenger traveling in the economy class may be caught up in air rage by developing a response to service and comfort in the business class. The first air rage problem occurred in the United States during the Havana-Miami flight in 1947. Although rarely seen in the world, the number of people experiencing this condition is increasing day by day. Situations such as air rage may appear before the passenger as a form of criminal offense after the flight is over. Therefore, passengers who feel that they have this condition should be aware of the need to keep their personal control levels high within the aircraft.

What can be done against air rage?

The major known cause of air rage is alcohol. You can deactivate a trigger by balancing alcohol intake before and during a flight or by not consuming any alcohol.

When you start to feel anger, you can control your blood pressure by breathing deeply. Anger is related to blood pressure at some point. The more you calm down your body, the easier it will be to overcome the feeling of anger.

You can use sedatives under the supervision of a specialist and approved by the doctor. If you have anger problems during the flight, you can control your anger.

You can get support from the flight attendants during the flight. Cabin attendants will always be understanding towards you.

Stay away from stressful situations. Take the stressful thoughts out of your mind when you travel and try to relax your mind. Try methods like meditation.