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LEATHER Making the used animal skins used in various goods by processing them with the help of some chemical and herbal materials. For this purpose, the raw skin is cleaned from the hair and horn layer in the tannery and the subcutaneous fat layer. The […]

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Defınıtıon and Hıstory of The Carpet

DEFINITION AND HISTORY OF THE CARPET   Turks have a rich cultural treasure due to their artistic and cultural relations with different societies and civilizations. One of these culture and art treasures is Turkish carpet art. Weaving with a pile pattern on top of the […]

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The World’s Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Sightseeing Routes

The World’s Top 10 Hot Air Balloon Sightseeing Routes For two centuries, humans have used hot air balloons to raise themselves into the atmosphere, observing the world from a unique perspective. The exhilarating experience of safely and comfortably riding a hot air balloon, however, has […]

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About Hot Air Balloons

It’s one of the most curious things about mankind. For some it’s freedom, for some it’s temporal gain and for others it’s just curiosity… When it comes to flying, the Wright Brothers, the inventors of the first aircraft, may be thought to be the inventors […]

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Air Rage

What is Air Rage? Air rage is the way in which the passenger behaves extremely frustrated, acts irrationally and loses control during a flight. It’s a kind of behavior disorder. This psychological disorder is defined at the beginning of the 21st century, it is very […]

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