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Flamingo village

Flamingo Village in Istanbul

Flamingo Village in Istanbul

Turkish salt lake … a paradise for “Flamingo ” birds

The salt lake in Turkey witnesses the breeding of thousands of Flamingo birds that apply for breeding and food.

Salt Lake is located in the center of Turkey, near the city of Ankara. It is the second largest lake in Turkey with an area of 1500 square kilometers. The lake provides 40% of Turkey’s salt need.

The lake is a unique environment for many marine organisms and birds. It hosts the largest “pink flamingo” colonies in the world due to the Mediterranean air of its region.


Flamingo bird is a migratory bird. They have long, thin legs in pink or red color. It is characterized by its red and black feathers.

Flamingo bird habitats are as follows.
Along the coastline in Africa,
In some parts of Asia and India,
South of the united states
Caribbean islands

It lives on all continents of the world except Australia and Antarctica. As is known, there are 6 types of flamenco, each living in a different region. Flamingos are distinguished by standing on one foot and lifting the other foot under their body.

the main food sources are larvae, small insects, crustaceans, mollusks and small fish.

Flamingo also feeds on shrimp. It has a special set of hair on its lower jaw and tongue. In this way, it cleans the sludge stuck to its food.

When you visit this lake, you will enjoy the fascinating and picturesque landscapes that are not always repeated, accompanied by the most beautiful birds.

After visiting the Flamingo village, you can take a tour of Ankara and return to Istanbul at night to see its historical artifacts and become the capital city of Istanbul.