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Food & Drink in Istanbul

Food & Drink in Istanbul

Taste for every palate, unique table in Istanbul

In every street of Istanbul, the wind of a different climate, another geography opens the sun. The kitchens, which are within kilometers of each other, meet in neighboring restaurants only in Istanbul. Black Sea, East and southeast, Mediterranean, Aegean…
If you want to eat fish against the Bosphorus by feeling the iodine of the sea, the expert chefs are ready to welcome you..
Let’s say you wanted to taste kebabs after shopping on Istiklal Street, the heart of the city. You can eat kebab on your feet by watching the crowd of independence, Bursa kebab, Urfa kebab or Adana kebab in a place left the back room of history. In the shadow of the historical texture of Sultanahmet lahmacun, meat bread, pide or you can eat dumplings or pies in Kadıköy Bazaar.

Istanbul has a culinary culture rich for vegan and vegetarians as well. Moreover, don’t make Vegetarian… Do not take a taste of stuffed, wrapped, Garland or fresh beans and beans cooked in olive oil, which is unique in Turkish cuisine. Whether it’s baklava, kadayif and doughnut, or milk pudding, or cauliflower, or keşkül, a dish that you don’t taste is never considered complete. You can also burn the calories you receive on foot on the historical peninsula, climbing on the back of the Çamlıca. If you miss your own kitchen, you can reach the countless tastes of world cuisine all over Istanbul again.

Whether it’s traditional Turkish cuisine or world cuisine, or a place where we can have a snack on foot, there’s a restaurant with four servings, There is no doubt that you will reach every type of taste in a friendly and warm atmosphere in Istanbul.