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Nisantasi is the Most Beautiful Neighborhood of Istanbul

Nisantasi is the Most Beautiful Neighborhood of Istanbul

The Obelisk, located at the monastery of Teşvikiye and Osmanbey, Valikonağı and Harbiye, became the symbol of Nisantasi and gave its name to Nisantasi.

As with almost every historical monument, there are also a number of narratives about obelisks:

The famous Janissary archers were called Kemankeş in the Ottomans.Nisantasi  name may be coming from here.

According to another rumor, the Sultans would eventually throw up monumental stones to mark where they shot well. This is the second narration.


The neighborhood, which overlooks an empty land with its large garden, strawberries and wild coffees in the 1780s, is located on the axis of Dolmabahçe Palace.When the first Nizam-ı Cedit was established in the Ottoman period, this area was the area where the army performed shooting exercises.

The wooden mosque, which was built for the sultan’s prayer and rest during the firing exercises, is the first building of the Teşvikiye Mosque in our day and the first building in Nisantasi.

In addition, the sultan, and the current Sait Ciftci Primary School Sübyan School (primary school) has been built.


After the palace moved to Dolmabahçe, the region became even more important when members of the dynasty and prominent government officials settled in the region.

Abdulmecid wrote two inscriptions in the region to indicate his desire to establish a settlement in the region. These inscriptions are the point where Valikonağı and Teşvikiye Mosque intersect, the other is in Teşvikiye.

The development of Saray Erkanı from the Topkapı Palace to the Dolmabahçe Palace has accelerated its development and became one of the most prestigious districts of the city during the Republican years.