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Phaselis Antalya 2

Phaselis Antalya

Phaselis Antalya

It is within the borders of Olympos Beydağları National Park in Antalya. Phaselis Beach is located next to the ancient city of the same name. It is 16 km away from Kemer. It is a paradise with a calm and historical heritage, far from urbanization in the region.

Next to Phaselis Ancient City, there are 3 different bays known as Phaselis beaches. These are the north, middle and south bays.

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis Ancient City is one of the most famous harbors of antiquity. Its foundation dates back to the 7th century BC. It is the city founded by the Rhodesian colonists under the leadership of Lakios. After the Persian invasion of Anatolia, it came under the rule of Alexander the Great. It’s one of the richest cities in the region since the first day it was established with 3 separate ports. Phaselis became a part of the Lycian Union right after the 2nd century.

During the Roman Empire, it was visited and honored by emperors. Phaselis Ancient City became the episcopal center during the Byzantine Empire.

Phaselis Beach, Antalya

There are 3 separate bays in the area called Phaselis Beach. The 3 beaches in the ancient city are located on the coastline, each of which was a port in the past. Phaselis Beaches, which are called as Northern Harbor, Central Harbor and Southern Harbor, are places of natural wonders where those who visit the city in summer can enjoy their time and cool off.

Phaselis Antalya

The first bay that welcomes visitors at the entrance to Phaselis Ancient City is North Harbor Beach. When you proceed from North Harbor Beach, you reach the Central Harbor and finally South Harbor Beach. Each beach has pros and cons compared to the other. When you come to Phaselis, it is best to see each beach, make an instant evaluation and decide accordingly. It is worth remembering that there are no sunbeds and umbrellas on any of the beaches.


  1. Phaselis North Harbor Beach

North Harbor, the second largest beach of Phaselis Ancient City, is closest to the entrance of the ancient city. It can be reached by vehicle as far as the North Harbor. The ground in the North Harbor, whose sea is clear and clean, is gravelly. The absence of trees next to the beach creates problems in hot weather. In order to take advantage of the shade of the tree, it is necessary to go a little behind the beach. Those who intend to swim in the North Harbor must carry an umbrella. For shower and toilet needs, one has to go to the South Harbor.

  1. Phaselis Central Harbor Beach

Central Harbor Beach, located at the center of Phaselis Ancient City just like its name, looks like a natural pool due to its geographical structure. The area around the historical aqueduct is the area where those who want to come to the Central Port can park their vehicles. Due to its distance from the current, the water temperature in Merkez Harbor Beach is above average.

In Antalya, the sea temperature is high in the summer months. It is even hotter in the Central Port. Your water is clean and clear. In the Central Port, the sea floor is sand and pebble in patches. It is the most preferred beach for those who come to Phaselis.


The fact that the Central Port is surrounded by dense trees offers an excellent opportunity for those who want to crown the beach pleasure with a picnic. You have the chance to rest in the shade without being exposed to the tiring effect of the sun in large wooded areas. It is necessary to go to the South Harbor for shower and toilet.


  1. Phaselis South Harbor Beach

South Harbor Beach, which has a larger beach area compared to the northern and central ports, stands out with its view. The clean and clear sea water fluctuates throughout the year. South Harbor Beach is located at the farthest point from the entrance of Phaselis Ancient City. On busy days, there may be problems due to the parking shortage and crowd.


South Harbor Beach is sand and pebble. This is a lively area every day during the summer months, as the tourists coming to the ancient city on a boat tour enter from the South Harbor. The shower, dressing room, toilet and snack bar of Phaselis beaches are also at the South Harbor.


It is strictly forbidden to have a barbecue in Phaselis Ancient City, which is one of the most important settlements in the region with its history of more than 9 thousand. It is the duty of all of us to respect the historical heritage in the region, which is a first degree protected area.

Phaselis Antalya

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