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Bartın - Amasra

Bartın – Amasra

Here Are Corona Virus İnvisible Holiday Destinations 

While the Corona virus epidemic is continuing rapidly, safe zones are listed for those who will make a vacation plan. While there are no risks in Turkey only 6 countries entered the green list.

While the world is under the threat of Corona virus, the safest holiday countries are announced. Corona virus have been observed between countries is taking place in Turkey.

Green even among the countries Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, is located in Barbados and Jamaica. An increase in the number of tourists is expected for these countries.



Corona virus has been seen in 32 countries. For this reason, holidays or travels are suspended both to stop flight flights and to avoid the risk of catching germs. The most risky countries are listed as China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Holiday virus not seen any town in Turkey

  • Bartın – Amasra

 Places to Visit in Amasra

1. Historical Towers Bazaar

If you want to buy something in memory of Amasra, you should definitely stop by Çekici Bazaar. You can buy something suitable for you in the shops where local handicrafts are made and sold. It is possible to find many products suitable for your needs, from various woodworking such as wire breaking types, canvas covers, hand-carved woodworks, wooden ornaments, and ornaments and articles made of hand-woven fabrics.


2. Galla Market (Bartın– Center)

It got its name from our women selling their own products. Our women sell their own vegetables, such as beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, cabbage, and products such as fresh milk, yogurt, butter, etc. in the established markets. Galla Bazaar is located in the center of Bartın and is open on Tuesdays-Fridays. A similar market is open right next to the Town Hall in the center of Amasra, but most varieties are on display Tuesday-Friday.


3. Kuşkayası Road Monument

On the Amasra – Bartın (Eski) highway, 4 km from Amasra. Away. It was built in memory of the emperor by Galius Julius Aguilla, who was appointed to the governor of Bithynia-Pontus during the reign of Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Cermonious. The work was designed as an Roman soldier and an Eagle carved on the wall.


4. Amasra Museum

The Naval School, which was started by Bolu District Governor İsmail Kemal Bey in 1884, but remained unfinished, was completed by the Ministry in 1975 and was put into operation as the Amasra Museum in 1982. There are 2 archaeological and 2 Ethnographic exhibition halls where works belonging to Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Genoese and Ottoman periods are exhibited. In the building and garden of Amasra museum, which was restored in 2016, works are promoted with laser shows.


5. Amasra Castle

The castle was built in the Roman period, and underwent major repairs during the Byzantines, Genoese and Ottomans. It consists of two main masses called Sormagir and Zindan Castle. There is Büyükliman Gate in the northeastern part of the castle, Küçükliman gate in the west and dungeon gate in the south. Sormagir castle in Boztepe is connected to Amasra by the bridge called “Kemere”. From the top of the castle, you can watch the beauties, nature and the smell of history in Amasra.


6. Little Church

It was converted into a masjid in the 15th century when it was an old little church in İçkale. It was built by the Byzantines in the 9th century.


7. Genoa Castle

The Genoa Castle in Amasra Castle is in ruins. It was actively used by Genoese in the first years of the Ottoman Period. There are crests of Genoa families at the entrance of the castle.


What to Eat in Amasra?

You can find the most famous dishes and unique tastes of Amasra in this list. This list, which is renewed every year, includes flavors that claim to be in the region.


1. Fish

Fish is the unchangeable of Amasra, it is the crown of the tables. Depending on the season, you can eat any fish you want, with or without oil.

You can choose the best Amasra Restaurants from the list on our website. In restaurants with sea view, pier, historical castle or garden view, you can sip your soft drink or rakı while eating your fresh fish.


1.1 Whiting Pan

Whiting fish is one of the small but delicious bottom fish of the Black Sea. It is appreciated that this fish, which is fat-free, with white meat, is made in an Amasra-style pan.


1.2 Cinakop Grill

The time from mid-September to the end of January is the most fatty and delicious time of Çinekop. It is recommended to grill rather than pan in this circuit.


1.3 Multiplier Casserole

The soup made of scorpion fish is very famous as well as the stew. It is served with sauce, red pepper, green pepper and lemon.


2. Amasra Salad

Amasra Salad, which contains many different fresh vegetables, is the most preferred food beside the fish in Amasra for years. The reason for the famous Amasra Salad is that the ingredients in Salata are purchased daily from the villagers.

You should definitely taste the salad served with its rich vitamins and unique sauces …


3. Honey Yogurt

It is a dessert (many restaurants offer for free) that you should definitely ask after the fish feast in Amasra restaurants. Yoghurt is specially prepared not cow yoghurt but buffalo yoghurt. It is also easy to digest after fish due to its lightness.


4. Crumb Bread

It is the local bread of Bartın and Amasra. You should definitely taste next to the fish. Even when you leave Amasra, you can buy the bread, which is right next to the Amasra City Hall, and take it to your friends. The crumb bread is 2-3 days more durable than standard breads.


Important: Not always sold, you can go and get it early in the morning!


5. Organic Jams

You can buy jams from the peasants’ market (Galla Bazarı), which is produced by the locals of Amasra, which are produced organically. Since the jams worth tasting are organic, there is no harm to your health.


6. Stuffed Mussels

Not everyone likes mussels, but lovers can wander around the street in the middle of the night and look for someone selling stuffed mussels. You can eat delicious and fresh mussels stuffed in Amasra. Our recommendation to you is Carlos Mussel Stuffed.


7. Putty Halva

Tahini halva is crushed with lemon juice and turned into a paste. Garnished with fresh fruits, hazelnuts are added and served. It is served after fish meals.


8. Fish Bread and Kokorec

Do not return without tasting the tastes of Mehmet master in the unique view of Küçük Liman. You can taste unique fish bread and kokorec at Amasra Barting Cafe.


9. Thai Style Ice Cream

Without tasting Thai-style roll ice cream, which opened in 2018 at Amasra Great Harbor,


10. Seafarer Coffee

Amasra Vapur Restaurant Do not return without drinking the sailor coffee made in the style of Turkish coffee!