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Pierre Loti Hill – Istanbul

Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill – Istanbul

Pierrer Loti Hill is a hill overlooking the Golden Horn in Eyup, Istanbul. This place was named after the French novelist Julien Viaud, who came to Istanbul in 1876 and settled here, and is often known for his coming to a café on this hill.

The hill and tea garden of the same name, which is located here, is a place visited by tourists coming to Istanbul.

Eyüp district, where the hill is located, is an important and old settlement with its mosque, tomb, cemeteries and natural beauties.

Pierre Loti Kahvesi, where you can see the whole Golden Horn from Eyüp to Eminönü, is a place where local and foreign tourists are interested in taking photos and taking photos.

Red white checkered table cloths, wooden chairs and special costumed waiters are the highlights of this place.

Pierre Loti Hill Green Cafe, Hookah Garden, Aziyade Restaurant, Terrace Cafe, Historic Coffee, Turquhouse Boutique Hotel and souvenirs are sold in the tourist places.

The part of Istanbul, surrounded by the Golden Horn in the north, the Bosphorus in the east and the Marmara Sea in the south, is now known as the “Historic Peninsula”.

If you want to enjoy watching the historical peninsula and Golden Horn with a tea or coffee brewed from Pierre Loti Hill, you should definitely visit this place.

You are following a narrow and winding road to Pierre Loti Hill. The “TELEFERİC” established a much more practical system of replacing the car to facilitate transportation.

You reach the top of the cable car in Eyup Mosque area and reach the hill after 2-3 minutes. There is also a car parking area to park your car in the area.