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Best Shopping Mall in Istanbul

Best Shopping Mall in Istanbul

This report is your guide to the most important shopping malls in Istanbul, characterized by the commercial high-end brands of stores, Knits Global, the appetite for restaurants, and architecture built among cities, inspired by Ottoman heritage and Turkish culture.

We will arrange for you the most large and well-known shopping centers


Mall Of Istanbul

Is the Mall Of Istanbul, one of Istanbul’s most important shopping centers, has the modern features of Bamtdadh and perhaps takes more time of the day to enjoy walking around and discover all its secrets.

The giant commercial complex, opened in 2014, consists of six towers, whose design is inspired by Istanbul itself. The complex has 4 residential towers, office tower, a large building dedicated to hotel and hotel units, and a large shopping center.

Contains what at least about 400 shop, and many signs brand distinctive and global , diverse exhibits shops between fashion, electronics, foods and folk, furniture and home furnishings, toys children,

Also, the mall itself contains a high-end residential complex that you can invest in


Zorlu Mall Istanbul

Includes Zorlu Mall of Istanbul on the 1205 shop business for many of the brands global, distributed shops on three floors , two floors closed Adman dozens of shops brands business upscale for all fashion clothing

With the presence of the floor dedicated to all restaurants, Alcaviac owns a large number of restaurants, pointing to the business world and Turkish, as well as a stunning space like a space characterized by its design architecture, shops containing trademarks distributed outdoors.

Also, Zorlu Mall contains a very luxurious residential complex overlooking the Bosphorus, with the 5- star Raffles Plus International Hotel


Istinye Park Mall in Istanbul

Located in Sarıyer district of Istanbul, The Mall İstinye Park is one of the most luxurious and best shopping malls in Istanbul. It contains many world-famous brands and domestic brands.

There are more than 300 stores and brands. The shops show clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories, galleries as well as cinema and theme park entertainments for children, and include numerous restaurants and cafes.

Istinye Park complex is distinguished by its movable glass roof that opens and closes according to the weather in winter and summer, which makes it special and worth a visit .


Vadi Istanbul Mall

Located in the Istanbul Valley region, the largest centers and the best shopping malls at the level of Turkey, Istanbul feature, spreading over an area of 103 thousand square meters, the complex commercial has more than 300 stores of clothing.

Istanbul Valley Mall also contains a number of cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers for games for adults and children . It features a mall Valley Istanbul embracing for one of the latest technologies display film on the level of the world

What gives more appeal to Mall of Istanbul is that it contains the largest residential complexes inside a shopping mall overlooking the forest and with the Radisson Blu Hotel and the Radisson Blu Residence Hotel Apartments


Kanyon Mall in Istanbul

It is located in Levent, the commercial center of Istanbul. Kanyon is one of the fashionable and modern shopping centers. It has interesting design architecture. It is designed on the body imitating the valley slope.


Venezia Mall in Istanbul

It is located in the GaziOsmanPaşa region on the European side of Istanbul. There are more than 180 stores commercially.

Its canals look like the center of the city of Venice. It is decorated with bridges for walking around comfortably.

At its center is a tower where international restaurants and cafes are spread.

All in all, it is also a great place for those who want to invest in a residential complex similar to Venice in Italy.

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