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Emirgan  Park

Emirgan  Park

Emirgan  Park is in Turkish language Emirgân Korusu One of the largest gardens of Istanbul and the most beautiful , where is located in the area Sariyer near the complex Astnaa Park on the views of the Strait of Bosporus to be painting art very in the beauty and magnificence of places tourist in Istanbul , but Turkey General

There are more than 120 species different from the plants and trees in Emirgan garden in Istanbul. The most famous are tulips, cedar, pine, beech and oak.

In addition to the nature and the trees of the garden Amarjan Istanbul many of the places to sit and relax in addition to the devices sport free and places dedicated for walking or riding bikes while the kids Faihzawn time fun amidst many of the games free and spaces that can where jogging and entertainment with their friends and there in the garden is also an area dedicated to the game of chess Down to earth


When visiting Emirgan Park Istanbul, you can enjoy a wonderful picnic or relax and relax in one of the largest and most beautiful public parks in Istanbul across an area that extends to 117 acres (470 thousand square meters)

It is famous for 120 species of trees. You can walk through the park to enjoy the full reign of their two civilizations. The most famous trees of the Ottoman Empire are here.

You can watch beautiful squirrels and rare birds.

In the park, you can find shops selling ice cream and snacks. Apart from these, there are many restaurants serving Turkish cuisine in the park.

You can also have breakfast in the cafes along the Bosphorus.