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Welcome to the city where the time stops. Mugla is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations located in the Aegean region of Turkey. It is a lovely city with its traditional old houses, narrow streets, surprising history, fascinating natural beauty, stunning coves, crystal clear waters, majestic ancient cities and lively daily life. Every year travelers from all around the world come to Mugla to witness the natural beauty and ancient history.

Mugla is a small Turkish city, situated inland lies at a distance of about 30 km from the nearest sea coast. This lovely city has popular tourist resorts such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye.

The Most Beautiful Muğla Beaches

Sultaniye Thermal Spring: It is the world’s second biggest radioactive thermal spring! After the one in Indonesia.

It is located to the east of Olemez Mountain in Sultaniye Village. It is determined that many various sources of thermal springs have been found around Olemez mountain.

The water contains calcium chloride, calcium sulphate, calcium sulphide and radon.

The water temperature is 39 degrees and you need to go through a 21 day treatment. You start with two baths a day that take 10 minutes each.

Tourists staying in places like Koycegiz, Dalyan and Ekincik stop by Sultaniye Thermal Spring either by land or by boat trips.

During the 45 minute stop at the thermal spring, the tourist go into the thermal waters in the big pool, they then go into Koycegiz Lake whist some of them just sit in the cafe.

The turkish people use the thermal facilities until the boats arrive at 16.00. One of the pools is round-shape and the other is square-shaped pool. The small pool is available just for women in the morning. The springs source next to big pool is drinkable and it is said that it is useful for liver, gallbladder, intestine problems.

Turkey Marmaris:

One of the holiday destinations of Muğla, which we will put in second place, is one of the other paradise corners of our country.

Our town, which hosts hundreds of thousands of guests every year, makes a difference with the historical structures of Marmaris, Marmaris nightlife and the magnificent natural wonders.

Turkey Fethiye:

One of the popular holiday resorts of Muğla is Fethiye. Located within the borders of Oludeniz, Caliş, together with Kayaköy, is located on the route of thousands of people every year. perhaps in terms of amusement resort town of Fethiye is one of Turkey with the most options.

Turkey Bodrum:

Whether you’re looking for all-action watersports, family-friendly coves with clean sands and clear waters, or simply a quiet spot for sunbathing, the Bodrum Peninsula has some of Europe’s most glorious beaches. Kumbahce Beach, Gumbet Beach, Gümüşlük Beach.