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Nice trip between the embrace of nature


Bolu is a lovely city between Ankara and İstanbul with lofty mountains, thick forests, lakes and streams. Located 85 miles (137 kilometers) to the northwest of Ankara, a significant city.

Bolu, which is existing in the Western Black Sea, is the escape point of people from big cities with its clean air and nature, promises a nice trip. Here the list of visiting points we will make by keeping Abant separately: the famous Bolu houses, the Bayezid Mosque, which is one of the most valuable of the city, the Bolu Museum that sheds light on the history of the region, the Victory Tower which has survived undamagedly since 1923 and the must-see route of the winter months is the Kartalkaya Ski Center. Bolu, which is visited frequently because of its proximity to big cities like Istanbul, is also remembered with various taste-stops and shopping routes. Bolu has gained popularity with the reputation of cooks, so we should travel to Bolu as a gourmet and we should eat according to him. For example; you cannot leave the place without eating Bolu ravioli. However, other famous dishes can be listed as follows: ‘pumpkin pancake’, ‘Mengen pilaf’, ‘Palize’, ‘pumpkin kompote with grapes’ and ‘cat buoyant’.


Let’s come to our precious Abant. Abant is a magnificent area with mysterious nature formations. Although Abant is always recalled by Abant Lake, we are talking about a much wider area and there are so many places to have a rest. Abant Lake is spread over an area of ​​125 hectares and is located in the Abant Nature Park, which is 1197 hectares in total. This wooded area between the Abant and Keremali mountain ranges is a complete miracle of nature. Ormedji Plateau is another important natural beauty of Abant. This is the area you can prefer for camping and picnic, also suitable for hiking and photography. Sinekli Plateau is the right address for those interested in trekking, safari, scouting, camping and cycling trips with an area of ​​100 decares. It will be great if you have caught Sinekli Plateau Festival in July. Another place to see in Abant, which is a land of water geography, is Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument. Samandere Waterfall has been receiving many visitors since 1988. This place, which hosts a lot of monumental trees, is a popular choice for those who want to have a camp.


Mengen is famous for its cooks and its annual cookery festival; chefs trained in Mengen can be found in the best hotels all over Turkey. The town is along the historical travel route between the large cities of Istanbul and Ankara, and a popular lodging destination for travelers between the cities. The cookery school in Mengen has traditionally trained chefs for the Turkish president in Ankara and other high government officials.

Mengen is a forested district and the largest plain in the mountainous area surrounding it, where the traditional lifestyle has persisted. It is one of the few places in Turkey where the tradition of the köçek (male belly dancers) at village weddings remains widespread. The köçek also perform at the food festival in August.


In the late 19th and early 20th century, Mudurnu was part of the Kastamonu of the Ottoman Empire.

This is an attractive district of forest and mountain. Mudurnu itself is a historical town with a number of well-preserved Ottoman Empire period houses. A portion of the centre of town has been declared an Historic Preservation District (“Kentsel Sit Alanı“).


The area has a long history of occupation going back to the Phrygians, Lydians, Persians and Ancient Romans. The Çatak Hamamı bathhouse dates back to the Roman times Göynük was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire in the early 14th century. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Göynük was part of the Kastamonu Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire.

Göynük has over 100 early 20th century Ottoman Empire period houses, these plus the even older mosques, tombs, fountains, and Turkish baths makes it a town of great historical interest, and an attractive location of narrow streets, with a pretty stream running through the centre. The victory tower on the hill at the top of the town and the old Ottoman mansion called “Müderrisoğlu Konağı” at the centre are important landmarks of Göynük.

The most significant entombed saint of Göynük is Akshamsaddin (Turkish: Ak Şemsettin) (1389-1459), an influential Ottoman religious scholar, poet, mystic saint, and guide of Mehmed the Conqueror.

Seven Lakes (Yedigöller)

The breathtakingly beautiful Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park is one of the gifts of nature to Bolu. Lying 42 km north of the city centre, the Park is named after seven large and small lakes formed by landslides. The lakes and the surrounding green area is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nature lovers can enjoy the tranquillity of the view of the monumental trees, bubbling waterfalls, hiking trails and picnic areas. The mesmerizing beauty of its nature and the rich flora and fauna makes the park a heaven for photography lovers.

Lake Sapanca

Sapanca is a charming town in the Marmara Region, connected to Sakarya, on the western border of the city. Sapanca Lake in the north of this area and Adapazari in the central city of Sakarya in the east. To the south of this region is the Samanlı Mountains, Geyve and Pamukova lakes. Of course, in the west of the city of Kocaeli, Izmit, which is the central city of Sapanca, is known as the smallest area of ​​Sakarya and the highest population density at the same time. Around of the lake you can walking, cycling and can enjoy beauty of Lake.We propose you to put to Sapanca Lake of favorite places



It is wonderful village of Sapanca(Turkey) and waiting for visitors. You can enjoy while traveling fruit trees and eatnin delecions tastes of Masukiye. We recommend you to add to Masukiye of traveling places in Sapanja Turkey.

Another must see all year tour is Maşukiye. When you travel to Masukiye from the shore of Lake Sapanca, you will meet the miracles of nature. You will hear the sound of nature under the Masukiye waterfall and you will see a very peaceful atmosphere.

This place name comes from Mashuk, which means ‘in love’ because it is impossible not to fall in love here. Doing breakfast here is a great idea. Perhaps you can make your trip program for yourself.


Kartepe Summit, where is famous for its natural beauties and ski resorts, is located between İzmit Bay and Sapanca Lake.  Highest point of Kocaeli is known one of the best corner in the city.

Kartepe Summit Project is developed from the potential of bringing west and east together with the location of the city under the guidance of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

The mountain where no trees grew after a certain height was called ‘Keltepe’ in the past then its name changed in ‘Kartepe’. The most important part of Kartepe district is that it is equipped with natural beauties. Kartepe which is the most visitor attracting winter tourism center, after Uludag in Marmara region, resembles a heaven reflected in the world, with its plateaus, canyons, and with the 20 degree healing waters in addition to its winter tourism. At the same time, there are picnic areas and salmon restaurants around the waterfalls formed by the brook which is born in Maşukiye, in the woods. Kartepe which is located in south east of Kocaeli is 1606 m. high. It is an important part of the region from the point of mountain tourism, in the city, and in addition to winter sports it is also a recreation spot. When serving foreign and domestic tourists who come to ski with the chair lift lines in Kartepe with the construction of cable car, the region’s becoming a tourism center in every meaning of the word is targeted.



You think to have a nice breakfast in streams? Would you like to spend a little time in the peaceful nature away from the stress of the big city? A beautiful facility that can respond to these requests Natürköy Situated in a beautiful valley in Sapanca…

Naturkoy is a natural resort in Mahmudiyah village. It is a scenic nature of the area where the river and the many wonderful waterfalls. It has a lovely restaurant and barbecue areas.