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What is Jet Lag?

I hear that they are jet lag, especially in holiday stories I listen to from friends who often fly to faraway countries, and unfortunately spend several days of their holidays troubled. Since I know this, I take certain precautions before every trip.  In this article […]

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Things to know for the first time

Like every first, the first flight creates little uneasiness. In fact, we have listed what you need to know about air travel, which is not much different than traveling by bus.   Air ticket purchase and baggage preparation With the establishment of private airlines, air […]

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Things to consider when taking off

Although it is the most reliable means of transportation, we all have acquaintances who are afraid of air travel. My friends tell me that they are more afraid of taking off and landing the plane. They certainly point out the most important times. In particular, […]

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Pressure Trauma

What is Pressure Trauma? Pressure trauma, as the name implies, is the discomfort caused by the inability to compensate external pressure changes by the middle ear and sinuses. It can be felt especially when taking off and landing when traveling by plane. Due to the […]

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