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first flight

Things to know for the first time

Like every first, the first flight creates little uneasiness. In fact, we have listed what you need to know about air travel, which is not much different than traveling by bus.


Air ticket purchase and baggage preparation

With the establishment of private airlines, air ticket prices are offered with intense competition among airlines. You can specify which airline you prefer to travel at the best price when buying a flight ticket through comparison sites. Once you have made your choice, you can purchase your flight ticket online or from a travel agency near you. It is enough to go to the airport with your mobile phone message and identity card for the ticket to be purchased over the internet and then check in by visiting the relevant airline’s office. You do not need to have any tickets.


Luggage preparation

You can take two types of luggage with you during your flight. This baggage, which is normally called passenger baggage and usually carried up to 15-20 kg for free under the aircraft, can be handed over to the staff at check-in and received after the flight. Cabin baggage is the baggage you can take with you during the flight. This can be an extra small suitcase in your handbag. There is no weight limit but weight. If your passenger baggage exceeds 15-20 kg, you can carry the rest with your cabin baggage to avoid paying extra fees. Or you can only travel with cabin baggage if you don’t have much to bring with you. Because after arrival you will have to wait a while for your luggage to arrive at your destination. Baggage restrictions and information can be found in this article.



This may sound strange to you since it is your first trip. Check-in is the name given to the transactions where the passenger who buys his ticket from the internet or the agency stops at the relevant airline office at the airport, where the identity is verified, the boarding pass is given to the passenger and the passenger receives the baggage receipt by delivering the baggage receipt. The message on your mobile phone tells you that you should be at the airport 1.5 hours before the flight time. This is a pretty safe time. However, check-in usually closes half an hour before the flight time. For this reason, it is sufficient to start the check-in process at least 45 minutes before the flight time. However, you may not be able to get on the plane even though the plane did not take off when check-in is closed. In these cases, no refund of the ticket is possible. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to these times in air travel.


After check-in

After check-in, you will have your ticket and baggage receipt indicating which door you will take on the plane and which seat you are on. Keep your identity card, driver’s license or passport ready. Proceed to the safety check point leading to the corresponding door, paying attention to the port number. Here again you will have to pass your bag and the cabin baggage through the x-ray device and show your flight card to the authority.


Progress towards the plane

After passing the safety check, proceed to the gate on your flight card. Once you have checked your destination and flight number with your door number, you can expect them to take you on board. In some cases it is possible to board the plane directly, in other cases it is possible to go to the airport by bus. Passengers are not allowed to walk on board, except for officers, especially in the area where there is a runway at major airports. Officers at the gate will help you get on the plane in due course. Just follow their direction. In the meantime, have your flight card and identity card ready to show to the attendant when the time comes.


Travel on airplane

After sitting in your seat on board, you can place your cabin baggage in the cabinets on the seats. All information such as rules to be followed in the aircraft, when the aircraft will take off, when to arrive, and the weather at your destination will be announced to you. You can then enjoy your flight by listening to announcements.



After landing, wait until the aircraft door opens. By following the other passengers, you can go to the hall where your luggage will arrive. You will have to wait here for a while. You can tell where your luggage will come from by means of signs.